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Happy New Years Kansas City, In this week's wrap-up, we're gonna look over 2022 for Inside w/ Kc Artist!


Inside w/ Kc Artist was established on June 1st, 2022. We started posting articles on Facebook, then moved to post them on Instagram as well. We had interviews from Maggie Beem, Kayla Allen, Dustin Phillips, Dylan Mortimer, Haley Lane Art, The Heart and Hand Co., Zac Bendrick, Sarah’s little workshop, Planet Bozo, and Love Korisa!


After growing both platforms a little, we spread to, moved all of our past articles over, and got right back out there! We got interviews from ecleart.ceramics, Ashley Lata, Jessica Baumgarner, ratswithshivs, pencil_pen_paint, leafsand_stuff, baileys.prints, brett_craa, and!


While focusing on building our platform and bringing everything together, we had 7 interviews from Local Small Businesses’/artists this month.


  • @jac_kap_ceramics


  • @kulandkrafty

  • @affydraws

  • @resinwishes

  • @realheffeart


We prepared for our first AOTM, which was in October, but we posted it in September. In the meantime, we had interviews from Craftin_Mama4, _happy_hippie_art_!,, thebohobabehandmade, Angelica_dejesus, and! We also started working on our “forever site” to move the blogs, for easier access, cleaner layout, more features, and more!


Our first Artist Of The Month was a success! Our winner this month was Resinartbymarissa! We also did the first year of our take on inktober, with #INKsidekc and started our Inside Scoop where we get a closer look at Local Questions, and give advice! Interview-wise we had 3 local stories from, Chelsea Berg, Vann Damm, and Dani Roma!


In November we had 4 interviews, from Stephanie Wilson, handcraftsbyjay_, Mahryn Rose, and Saturday Sundaze! Kellysartthrob a local Artist/ Printmaker, was our second Artist Of the Month!


Our 3rd AOTM was Saturday Sundaze and we had one Katelyn Maude Harder! We have slowed down due to our laptop breaking this month, but have continued to post weekly wrap-ups regularly! Altogether this year, we have gained 834 followers across all platforms in our first year, thank you!

Thank YOU for reading this, and thank you Kansas City for all the love and support you show our artist by making all of this possible! Cheers to another year w Inside!

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