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VOL. 1

Happy Sunday everyone, we hope everyone had an amazing weekend here in Kc! @StrawberrySwingKc is hosting their 12th Annual Holiday Swing at Merry Marker and the count down has started with just FIVE more days to go! Soul Of Santa Holiday Market will also take place at 18th & Vine 11am - 6pm on Dec . 2-4 w/ FREE ENTRY so don't forget to mark your calendars if you don't already have them marked! Did anyone get to participate in any local events? If you did leave a comment below and let us know how it was!

This week we have our Vol. 4 coming out, it was definitely supposed to be dropped last week, but better late than never. This week we will go back to Vol. 3 and continue where we left off, with networking. If you have any questions, need advice, or have a topic you would like us to touch base on please let us know in the comments!


  • Stephanie Wilson

  • Jay Lozada

  • Mahryn Rose

Incase you missed them, we highly suggest you read them! We also have tons of more artist up on our site who've trusted us to share their story that you should check out while you're at it!



"I’ve seen a lot of posts on Reddit about Artists not finding joy in what they’re creating or not being inspired to draw, etc. To those people struggling I say it’s okay to take a break! Try a new medium or stop all together for a few days. Usually inspiration strikes when you might least expect it."



"Hmmmm… I’d have to say, it’s not always easy. Be aware of the mental blocks and constraints we put on ourselves. I often notice myself falling into traps of perfectionism, often times stuck looking at an empty canvas. But creativity doesn’t come from nothing. Splatter paint on the empty canvas. The hardest part is starting, and the second hardest is stopping!"

INSTAGRAM: @ratswithshivs

As always for giving us a little advice for when times are tough, because we ALL go though it, and thank you KC for your continuous support you show and love for our artist here at Inside! To subscribe to our blog email "SUBSCRIBE" to We hope you all have a phenomenal week!

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