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Q&A with: Maranda Orth

As an artist and business, how do you not let the numbers get to you?

"Such as social media likes, not selling enough, followers, etc. When I look at numbers, I use it as a tool to see what is working and what isn’t working. Either way I am putting content out there and learning from each post to know what the people like to see."

How do you deal with comparing yourself to others?

"I don’t compare, I only get motivated and inspired. I know what my style is and what I have to bring to the table. I use other artists to get inspired and learn from them. We can all use the artist community to learn and support each other. It helps to see other artists doing well and motivates me. If they are doing it I can do it too! Comparison only destroys personality."

As a business and artist, you can always be creating and

doing so much more. How do you decide “what’s good enough”?

"Anything you do can always be better. As I develop my process what I thought was good enough back then doesn’t always look good enough in the future. That’s another reason why I like to build my content and see my personal progression. It’s almost like a public platform of an artist’s journal, documenting the journey you are on and learning about yourself. When I see I am excelling in my process it makes."

What are your next personal goals for your art? What do you hope for?

"I need to get my art website up and running. Currently I am still working on it but I am trying to find the right vendors to create prints and merchandise to sell on my site along with original paintings. I also always answer “Call to artist” whether it be for competitions, residences, grants, or exhibits. To be accepted by one of those calls would be a big goal achieved."

What is your favorite thing about being an artist/ creating art?

"The creative freedom to take a step outside the normal design principles and unleash my full creative capabilities. I am my own creative director in this process, there are no rules."

What is your favorite tool to use when creating your art?

"A card, specifically my old business card from my previous job in corporate design. I find it ironic to use this tool because it symbolizes a hold that someone use to have on my creativity and when I use it to smear paint all over I don’t feel captive to their creative construct anymore. I am an independent creator and no one is telling me wrong or right."

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

"Terry Urban and Dale Chihuly."

Do you have a work and life balance/ how do you keep balance?

"Not really, I have my studio in my loft in the Westbottoms. I have tried in the past to have an off site studio and I found that I was never around when the motivation kicked in or I couldn’t make it in. So there is no real balance it is pure chaos and creation all the time at any point."

Favorite kind of cheese stick?

"I’m more of a fruit person, any sort of fruit bowl I can get down with."


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