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You’re probably thinking, ” psychology of color??? What does that have to do with my art???” Me too. Well, it’s the study of hues and it’s beneficial to know so let’s dive into it! If you’ve ever seen Euphoria think of it as all the colorful lights, like mood lighting. This lighting is so important and can influence the way we think and act.


To break it down let’s start with the most influential hues and work our way down the list starting with red. Red is kind of like the middleman of the spectrum, emotional wise. It can mean love, sex, opportunity OR it can mean aggression or no end. You know the saying “when one door closes, another door opens.” yeah, think of that as red.


Orange in its dynamic roots promotes creativity, positivity, while evoking change, and optimism. This color can stimulate high energy and can give you a dose of serotonin. [?] When using orange hues think about fall, and pumpkin spice lattes, oh the comfort and joy it gives you, and that little change outside when the leaves turn orange, so uplifting as we transition into the new season. I’m other words, it’s a transition color.


I don’t know about you guys but yellow is my FAVORITE color. I’ve been waiting for this one, this bright hue as Artist Vincent Van Gogh once said “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” [?] Yellow is a complex color and can give off different emotions depending on the individual. This hue can be attention grabbing as it radiates energy heightens it which can be a good and bad thing as it is intense and very in your face.


This hue is definitely one for the girlies, bringing in calmness, femininity, love and all the mushy goodness, but depending on the hue of pink it can act just like yellow and be very invasive. Depending on your past with the color will affect the way it interacts with you. If you’ve had bad experiences with it, it might be overwhelming to you, and on the other hand if you’ve had good memories with it, it can trigger your passion and happiness. [?]


As you’ve probably already guessed it, this hue is associated with nature, money, and growth, but can also bring out envy in some cases. “Out of all the colors on the color wheel, green is regarded as the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye, [1]” and give a sense of security. This color promotes problem solving, positive thoughts, and it can even improve memory!


Blue rooted from Latin word Serenus meaning clear, translating to serenity, which is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. As you can already guess, seeing clear can sometimes bring out the sadness and distance in us also. Blue is associated with a non-aggressive color and hue men are mostly pulled towards. It can also be used to regulate your pulse and body temperature, wild right!


Purple is associated with wealth and power but too much of it can lean towards arrogance and frustration. “The wavelength of violet is 400 nanometers long, making it the smallest-and-strongest-of all the colors.” [?] Being such a strong color, it’s often associated with paranormal activity and spirituality, but everyone’s perception of the color is different and also depends on the different on the level of saturation.



This color contains equal balance of the spectrum, holding both positive and negative energies and can be referenced to as a “clean slate” promoting creativity. While white isn’t a stimulant it is a reflection and can make you feel any color in the spectrum.



This color also depending on the range of hue and person(s) perception can mean anything from power and sophistication to mystery and heaviness. When this color is used sparingly it can have a secure and grounding effect on each person(s). [?]


Grey comes from the Old English word “grǣġ” . This hue is associated with neutrality and uncertainty, it is a controlled color that in effect can tone down other color hues and emotions. When used to much this color can cause negative thoughts. Overall, this hue makes it easier to regulate your mood/ tone of the piece.


Finally, our last color in this breakdown. I don’t know about you, but that was A LOT! So, if we’ve learned anything we know that is all about perception and the shade of the hue of brown. A little bit here and there can be perceived as warmth and comfort, add some more, and now you have strength and stability. But if you take it a little further, you're looking at feelings of loneliness and isolation initially leading to negative thoughts when surrounded with this hue.

There are multiple ways to use psychology of color when being creative. You can use it as your base layer to set the tone, studio lighting (double whammy as it can change the colors you're working with and push you out of your comfort zone!) transition colors, and so many other ways. When being creative keep in mind the colors your using, the shades of each color, perspective and that everything has yin and yang.

Before I go, I wanted to give a s/o to the KC art district and community for the love and support and making it possible to help our artist and give them an extra opportunity to have a voice!

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