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I know what you’re thinking, “you’re crazy, shipping is NOT pocket friendly” but oh contraire my friend, it is. Today we’re gonna break down some small business life hacks that you might or might not already know!

Let’s start with the basics. Packaging. Ugh dreaded, I know, I know. But what if I told you we have a postal fairy on our side…. USPS. 90% of you probably already know about this but for the 10% that don’t…. HELLO let me be your guide and do the research for you! USPS in support of small businesses has a promotion that you can find if you click here. Envelopes, boxes, receipts, shipping labels, tape, alllllll free. Thank me later.

Now you’re probably thinking, “okay Inside, but what about the insideeeee of my package????” Hold on, hold on we’re getting to that. Business cards, stickers, and freebees (if that’s your thing) don’t have to break your pockets, because let’s face it small business to small business that sh*t adds up! But don’t worry, we got your back.

So, business cards & stickers (promotional items). Everything about them is annoying, except for when you’re handing them out. But I’m talking about, from start to finish, putting your information on something so valuable to you. This is your contact card, the bringing in of your business. It has to be perfect, look perfect, and not cost an arm and a leg. “Small business help Instagrams” might come along saying they got a deal for you xyz $$$ in trade for some information placement on a card or sticker. Do NOT get scammed, and YES people get scammed this way. There are TONS, I mean TONS of free websites that can offer bulk deals on cards, and they’re usually fill in the blanks so that can take the anxiety load of “Did I do this right????” off your shoulders. You can find all your resources for this here. Orrrr, you can always get into your diy outfits and make your own!

Now onto freebees, who doesn’t love freebees. Just like business promos, bulk buying & diy is your best friend. There’s tons of options for your freebees, you can cut up little papers and draw cute things on them, write thank you notes, make tiny beads so every time someone buys something they got a bead to put towards their bracelet, honestly it’s endless. If rocks are your thing, get a bulk bag of tiny ones and make “confetti” or same with party goodies, bulk buy that sh*t, put it in a tub & there you go endless freebees.

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