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Need some inspo? We got you!

Hello, hello creative minds! It's is I, back again

to talk your ear off. I don't know about you, lately, I've been lacking inspiration, but you know what gets me, e v e r y t i m e? Outside. So for all you lovely artists who enjoy painting clouds and nature, this one is for you!


Lovely places for inspo...

KAW POINT PARK | 1403 Fairfax Trfy, Kansas City, KS 66115 | |

EWIG AND MURIEL KAUFFMAN MEMORIAL GARDEN | 4800 ROCKHILL ROAD, KANSAS CITY | Our Campus - Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation | |

BERKLEY RIVERFRONT | 1298 E RIVERFRONT ROAD, KANSAS CITY MO, 64120 | Home - Berkley Riverfront |



If you're having a hard time finding inspiration here are a few tips

  1. Create art every day, even if you're tired mentally draw something in your head. Just remember, E V E R Y D A Y!

  2. Try turning your work upside down and looking at it from a different perspective!

  3. If you're stuck on a painting, set it down. It will be fine I promise, come back to it the next day or next week to give yourself more time.

  4. Spend time outside. Trust me, there's endless inspiration waiting for you to find it!

  5. Mess up, on purpose. It sounds scary but this will get you out of your own box, and push you to be creative in a new way!

  6. Try mixing art mediums and different textures!

We all get stuck sometimes, trust me I know, but it's okay. Breathe and realize, we're literally on a rock dude, and it just so happened that on this rock, YOU'RE the SHIT! Yeah, I said it, and I believe it and you should too! Never doubt yourself, because you got this!


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