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How are you doing kc? We’re back! If you love resin, ghosts w the most, earrings, accessories, literally anything cute you HAVE to check out Bree’s shop!! Today, we’re gonna talk to Bree and get to know her and alllll that good stuff, well without further ado Bree!!!

What inspires your creativity?

“I get inspired by anything cute and pop culture! It's fun being able to create something that I love and never existed before, and is also loved by so many other people of different backgrounds. I'm also inspired by being able to go with the flow when creating my pieces. I work backwards when it comes to creating my artwork. I don't start with an idea, but instead I work with my blank canvas and let the ideas come along the way. This is refreshing compared to my other duties in life.”

What does your artwork represent?

I've honestly never thought of my artwork representing anything. I just love creating! But if I had to find something for it to represent... My artwork represents that anything can be cute! Cute is subjective just like art. Even with items that I create that may be halloween or have darker colors, I'm still able to find cuteness in it!”

How do you make it, in the art community?

“This is a hard question! I don't see myself as someone that has "made it" yet because I'm not able to make a living off of my business. BUT I definitely think it takes a lot of trial and error, finding the right art community (whether it's the medium you do or artistic style), and knowing yourself/the mission of your business (knowing your worth and sticking to the values you wanted to have for your business/art). Overall, I think it's continuing to try even when things are hard or don't go as planned.”

What does art mean to you and what it means for society?

“For society art means so many different things. It could be a way to express emotion, entertainment, history, culture, and so much more. For me personally, art means freedom and innovation. Art usually has no rules or limits in terms of creativity. I love that I can have my own process and go with the flow when I create my work. Art gives me no pressure in that regard. Also, it's always so mind blowing that I'm able to create an item that didn't exist before. Someone could always make a similar item, but it would never be 100% like the one I created.”

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

Being from KC has definitely affected my work in the artist community in a positive way! KC has a good amount of art organizations and events that help artists thrive in the community. Being a part of these things has helped me put my work out to people that may have never seen it otherwise. It has allowed me to meet so many other great artists in the area too! It also has given me a lot of confidence that I can grow as an artist/business in KC due to the great art communities. I know KC is considered a small/medium size city, but it's great compared to some other cities that have no art community/presence.”

Your favorite medium?

“Resin! It's honestly the first and really only medium I've worked with. I've recently started trying out cross stitching though!”

A little about yourself.

“Hi! My name is Brianna, but you can call me Bree. I've lived in KCMO for all 23 years of my life. I'm a self taught artist and the owner of Resin Wishes. I've been working on Resin Wishes for about 3 years now and have loved it ever since! Resin Wishes creates resin art and foils. The resin art includes keychains, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, trays, trinket bowls, coasters, pins, magnets, charms, ashtrays, and more. The resin foils are transparent film sheets (with designs/words) that you can put into/on resin items with epoxy or UV resin. These foils are designed specifically for resin shops to use in their projects. I've actually never thought of myself as an artist/creative until I started working on Resin Wishes. I've always been fascinated with art, but was never the artist myself.”

That wraps up todays interview! To follow Bree on social media her insta handle is @resinwishes & to check out her shop her site is !!

Thank you again Bree, and thank you KC for making this possible!!

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