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Hellllllllo KC! This morning we have another fantastic interview from young Milez Phillips! I asked Phillips a couple questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be an artist in the kc art district, what motivates him, and just a little about him! Keep reading to see the full interview!

What Inspires your creativity?

“I’ve always been a fairly expressive person from style to words and art was just a way to express my feelings regardless of if it was related to the artwork or not, so my self expression inspires me.”

What does your artwork represent?

“ My artwork represents a deeper sense of self and inner thoughts of stepping inside of my mind.”

How do you make it, in the art community?

“ A lot of exposure to art throughout my life either on my own or others introducing me to new medias / ideas has led me to become apart of the community. “

What does art mean to you, and what does it mean for society?

“Art to me means clarity, regardless of how art is done it always a full process with positives and negative’s and by the end of each piece a person is slightly different than when started. To society i believe art is history, like the drawings in caves by the first few generations. “

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

“KC has some wide variety’s of art and being able to drive down town and see all the murals definitely inspires me to keep creating. “

What is currently your favorite medium?

“ pencil / clothing very hard to decide.”

Lastly, but never least, a little about yourself?

“ I’m an incoming Jr at Raytown High and have been artist for as long as i can remember, i have a goal of one day being able to help others through my art, for now i create for myself. “

To check out more of Milez’ artwork follow his Instagram @leafsand_stuff

As always thank you for making this possible and giving kc more room to use their voices!

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Thank you again Milez Phillips, and thank you KC!

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