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(Nicki Minaj voice) UHhh Ohhhh, Back Again! We’re back with our second story for today, from Natasha Rubinetti-kul, creator of Kul and Krafty! I asked Natasha a couple questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be an artist in the kc art district, what motivates her, and just a little about her! Keep reading to see the full interview!

What Inspires your creativity?

“I think what inspires me is the personalities of animals and how they touch our lives. Every animal has a different personality and seeing or hearing about them is one of my greatest pleasures.”

What does your artwork represent?

“My artwork represents these personalities and I try very hard to capture them in each piece.”

How do you make it, in the art community?

“The best way to try to get into the art community is to keep putting yourself out there. You have to be confident in your own artwork and be able to talk about it to people. The biggest thing though is to alway keep making art.”

What does art mean to you, and what does it mean for society?

“Art is everything to me. It keeps me sane, it makes me happy. It's also something that makes others very happy. When I'm able to give a painting of a loved one to a client it's one of the best feelings in the world. They look at the painting and sometimes it's tears of joy, others times it's just a big goofy smile. Art is a way to communicate. Sometimes it serves a specific purpose and other times it brings out specific emotions.”

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

“Being fron KC has helped me in the community because I have gained more courage around my artwork. I an able to attend many art events and network with a lot of different people. A vast majority of my commissions that I do are word of mouth and it just continues from there.”

What is currently your favorite medium?

"I don't have a favorite medium. I like to change it up often. I use acrylic paint for my business but I also draw, sculpt, photograph, and create anything with anything. I used to do something called thread painting where I would take a sewing machine and free motion sew realistic animal portraits. It was beautiful but it took a lot of time.”

Lastly, but never least, a little about yourself?

“I am finally getting to a point in my life where I want this to be my sole source of income. I am so excited to finally have this opportunity and I'm hoping it will continue. I have two lovely pups named Howie and Mona who watch every move I make and keep me on track at home, and a wonderful husband that is also an illustrator who creates worlds and creatures. I always wanted to be able to draw/paint animals for the rest of my life but I never thought it was possible. I think it might be now!”

To check out more of Natasha’s artwork follow her Instagram @kulandkrafty

As always thank you for making this possible, and giving kc more room to use their voices!

Thank you again Natasha, and thank you KC!

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