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Hellllo KC! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! We’re back with another amazing interview from Evugh creator of PlanetBozo!

We asked Evugh a couple questions to get the inside scoop! To get to know more about Evugh’s artistic journey read the full interview below!

What inspires your art?

“A lot of my style in both film and flatwork is inspired by 80s horror and the over the top effects that go into those movies. It’s not necessarily believable but that’s the point it’s supposed to be so over the top that it goes into the absurd which is what really captivated me when I was younger and definitely the main fuel of inspiration. Among that I also love how there’s an inherent critique on societal issues throughout the absurdity. You watch something like George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and while you’re looking at all these insane zombie/gore effects you’re also being confronted with a very real criticism on consumerism in America and I try to utilize a similar delivery with my own work. Whether it’s putting a mantis eating the head of it’s mate in a veil like the Virgin Mary or a short film about a girl getting revenge on her rude, entitled boyfriend in a 1950s housewife get up; I find that imbedding critiques of things like misogyny that have shaped my experience in the world is a great way to process it all and informs my work that much more. “

What does your artwork represent?

In a lot of ways I feel my art represents how I process the world around me and what it’s put me through. Through this lens of crazy colors and creatures it feels like I’m able to understand myself that much better; it feels like some strange sort of dreaming in a way. It’s very much a reflection of myself and how I perceive the world. “

How do you make it in the art community?

For me I find just cutting through the bullshit and being real with people is the best way. I feel like there’s so much pretentiousness that permeates throughout the art world and it’s just really always bothered me. Working with DIY artists or just specifically people not looking to for their own gain from things whether that be strictly monetary or climbing some sort of social ladder is just my favorite type of people to work with. Don’t get me wrong we all gotta get paid and that involves schmoozing a bit every now and again to get along but there’s just a threshold for me that when passed just makes things not feel genuine. I make art because I’m compelled to do so, I don’t think I could stop even if I tried it just genuinely is that embedded in my life, and finding other people with that sort of passion is not only extremely exciting because I love connecting with creatives who feel that same inescapable pull, but it’s also really great to work with those people on projects because everyone’s 100% of the way in for all the right reasons. And I have totally found some of those people here which is really awesome!”

What does art mean to you and what does it mean for society?

“Art is rebellion for me honestly. Art can be a pretty packaged way to tell the abusive powers in control to fuck off. I feel like there’s so much power that can be regained by artmaking and so many people use it to scream out against who society has told them to be or how to act which is always incredible to experience. That’s not to disregard the absolute shit show of hierarchy and abuse that exists within the fine art world specifically either; which is a power in itself also worth screaming out against. “

How does being from KC affect your work in the artist community?

“I didn’t really understand how being from KC would affect my art practice until I left for Philadelphia from 2018-2022. People on the east coast have either been here, understand the unique beauty of KC and are interested to see what I’m about. Or they haven’t and think the whole state is full of cows and tumble weeds and write me off without a second look. And honestly I find that’s their loss in a lot of ways; the artists I know coming out of KC are doing super incredible things that they’re missing out on. I can’t count how many people told me I should move to Brooklyn when I was living there, and to what be the 1,000 th person doing the exact same thing everyone else is doing? To be one of 50 people in an overpriced apartment building begging for some singular crumb of success from people who’ve stuck their noses up at me? Doesn’t sound very fun or cool if you ask me. KC just has a special touch to it that if you don’t get it, you just never will and that’s part of what brought me back here after being away. Philadelphia itself, I will say, has a lot of really wonderful people in it doing a lot of really amazing art that is super accessible to a lot of people and amazing to experience. And a place that did fully embrace me as an artist which I’m forever grateful for. “

What is your favorite art medium?

I love working with acrylic paint so much honestly i love the way it blends, the way it dries quickly, and especially working on clothes which is usually what I’m painting (though I use a specific type of fabric friendly acrylic) it really really pops and sticks to it in a sturdy way.”

Lastly, a little about yourself?

“I was born and raised in KC, graduated from KCAI in the filmmaking department in 2018 and just came back from being gone for four years and couldn’t be more happy with that decision! I mostly paint clothes and work as a freelance filmmaker/editor. I also occasionally play music and do a little bit of roller skating on the side as well.”

See more from Evugh below 👇🏼


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