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Heyyyyoooo KC! This morning we have another phenomenal interview from Brett Crawford! I asked Crawford a couple questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be an artist in the kc art district, what motivates them, and just a little about them! Keep reading to see the full interview!

What Inspires your creativity?

"I get inspired by all kinds of stuff! Sometimes it’s a song or a movie, the way someone does something in public or even a conversation with a friend. I’ve always been very eager to translate what I see and hear into little captured moments."

What does your artwork represent?

"It depends on the piece but it’s largely a reflection of things that I like mixed with things that maybe I don’t like, if that makes sense. I try not to be overt with my messaging but some pieces are better at that than others"

How do you make it, in the art community?

" I have no idea but if I figure it out I’ll let you know! I’m trying my best to meet other artists, collectors and gallery owners in hopes to grow my community and be a better participant in what kc offers."

What does art mean to you, and what does it mean for society?

"Art is one of the most important things in society, to me. It tells stories, captures emotion, creates longevity. My house is filled with art from artists I admire and each of them I purchased for different reasons. I’m happy to create every day, I think it’s one of the most human things we can do."

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

"Growing up in kc I remember going to the Nelson with school field trips and maybe seeing a random gallery window walking through the plaza or someplace downtown with my parents. As I got older I spent my college years in Lawrence where I got very plugged into the art scene and started hanging out with my friends in the printmaking classes. From there I moved to Chicago for several years and got to meet all kinds of artists, musicians, actors and writers who broadened my view. When I moved back to kc during Covid it was apparent I had a better perspective and more experience to offer and wanted to get into the community and start participating."

What is currently your favorite medium?

"Favorite medium is probably street art markers and spray paint. A lot of what I do is inspired by graffiti so those are definitely my most favorite starting points when it comes to making a piece."

Lastly, but never least, a little about yourself?

"Brett Crawford is an American artist born in Kansas. Raised in the southwest suburbs of Kansas City, Brett found inspiration early on in the works of punk rock and alternative artists he discovered at skateboard shops, on web forms and in magazines. Now, his work is predominately inspired by a mixture of pop and street art, soaked the unrefined, run & gun nature of graffiti, citing the 1970’s and 80’s subway movement as an early jumping off point. In "None More Lonesome," the artist's first solo exhibition, the pieces displayed explore cultural iconography, religious undertones and the process of grappling with loss."

To check out more of Crawford’s artwork follow his Instagram @brett_cra

As always thank you for making this possible, and giving kc more room to use their voices!

Thank you again Brett, and thank you KC!

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