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Guten Tag! That’s good afternoon in German if you didn’t know. Today we have another local artist to show you, Katelyn Maude Harder, creator of Letters By Maude! Without further ado, let’s hop right into it!

What inspires your creativity?

“When I get a client who gives me complete creative freedom with what they’re ordering from me, I feel the most inspired. Knowing that they trust me to make something they’ll love is all the inspo I need, plus the process is more fun when there are less guidelines to follow.”

What does your artwork represent? “Most of my work is event signage, custom portraits, or keepsake gifts, so I guess my answer would be love in all its different forms. I’ve lettered seating charts for weddings, welcome signs for showers, vows for people to frame in their homes, digitally drawn portraits for people and added in their family members who have passed on, painted ornaments for gifts… Love is at the center of almost every piece I create nowadays, and that’s pretty special to me. Almost all of the orders I ever get happen because someone fell in love or because someone wants to gift my artwork to someone they love.”

How do you make it in the art community?

“I think the key is building each other up. No matter what our mediums are, we’re all going after the same goal which is to make a living doing what we love—art. There’s an unspoken respect that we all have for each other, and I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of those who have believed in me and especially other artists that I’ve looked up to over the years. Any time I see a new artist on Instagram, I try to like and interact with their content because that was me at one point just starting out and trying to find my niche. I’ve still got plenty of room to grow too, but I’m forever grateful for everyone who ever took the time to cheer me on and paying it forward is always the goal.”

What does art mean to you and what it means for society?

“Art is soothing to me because it’s something that I’ve always had to lean on. I’ve moved around a lot in the past five years, but art has continued to be one of my comforts. When the pandemic hit, it was my escape and a way to still feel normal amidst chaos. I have a feeling it’ll continue to be something I count on being a constant in the years ahead.

As a society, I don’t think we find the right words to communicate very effectively with one other, but art finds a way to unify us when most things do a good job of separating us. Two people can glean completely different things from looking at the same piece of art but still determine that it’s meaningful or even beautiful and that gives me hope.”

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

“I moved to the area in 2020 so I’m still pretty new to the artist community here. I do know that Kansas City is one of the best places to experience art because of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, all of the different events happening throughout the year, and the people. It’s neat to be surrounded by so much talent, and I think that drives me to do my best.”

Your favorite art medium?

“I think my number one would be ink. It’s what I started with and what I always go back to. Though I spend more time working with oil-based paint pens and acrylic paint, putting ink to paper will always be my first love and I hope to find a way to incorporate that more into the art I make for others in 2023.”

Any struggles you’ve had coming up as an artist?

“My biggest challenge has been finding my niche and making it my own. I never knew most of my work would be for weddings, but I’m happy that I’ve taken the leap into the wedding industry and that I'm slowly becoming more known in the KC wedding vendor community. With hand-lettering as my passion, I’m lucky to have people pay me to do something I absolutely love.”

A little about yourself (as much as you feel comfortable sharing)

“I’m Katelyn Maude Harder, I’m 26 years old, and I own Letters by Maude where I sell hand-lettered goods and custom art. I’m mostly known for my hand-lettered wedding and event signage, and in 2023 I plan to dabble in Stationery and more paper goods. My website is and you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok by my handle: @lettersbymaude

When I’m not creating, I enjoy spending time with my husband Cameron, trying out new restaurants, reading, writing, visiting my family back home in Arkansas, and traveling.

Thanks so much to Inside for asking me to do this interview! It was a fun one!”

As always thank you Katelyn, for trusting and opening up to us by sharing your story! Also a huge shoutout to YOU reading this, for just being straight up awesome and supporting our local Artist! We appreciate you!

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