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Hey KC! Thank you for tuning in tonight, as we have another incredible interview from Darla Lou Nicole!

I asked her a couple of questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be an artist in the art district, what motivates her, and just a little about her! Keep reading below to see the full interview!

What Inspires your creativity?

“I draw most of my inspiration from my houseplants, cats, and places I’ve visited. I recently visited Italy and I felt a strong desire to draw while being immersed in the ruins, sculptures, and ancient works of art!”

What does your artwork represent?

“My artwork represents my mood or something that caught my eye recently. Sometimes it could be something I long for or what I could be transfixed by.”

How do you make it, in the art community?

“I’m just out here having the time of my life being able to share what my mind and hands can come up with. Last fall I had the opportunity to have my artwork hang in Homer’s Coffeehouse for several weeks! I was ecstatic and am still honored I was able to do that.”

What does art mean to you, and what does it mean for society?

“Art is my form of escapism, my home, my joy; it is what I cannot encapsulate in words. Art to society is a way to express or communicate emotions and thoughts nonverbally.”

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist Community?

“The diverse and supportive community in KC has allowed me to strengthen my confidence in my style. I used to think my work wasn’t worth it if I didn’t look a certain way or didn’t fit on this pedestal of a perfect concept I had created. But by viewing more beautiful styles of art and creations at the many wonderful art festivals, I was able to establish a sense of security and appreciation for my style.”

What is presently your favored medium?

“I’m torn between acrylics and digital as my favorite medium, but lately I’ve been exploring more with digital. I began drawing in digital form in March 2021, so it’s still fairly new to me, but I love being able to bring it with me practically anywhere. I tend to start a piece and not finish it, and I don’t feel as wasteful if I let it sit or decide not to finish it. I also thoroughly enjoy how clean and meticulous I can be in drawing digitally. It can be so satisfying to erase some pixels or be able to scribble when it’s not looking how I wanted and then undo it.”

Last, but never least, a little about yourself.

“I started drawing in middle school and took two semesters of art lessons in high school, but that’s where my formal training ended. I’m mostly self-taught through videos and trial and error. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and am currently working as a scientist in a laboratory. I draw and paint sporadically as one of my many hobbies! I also enjoy yoga, paddle boarding, bouldering, hiking, and reading. If it hadn’t been for my husband suggesting and encouraging me to create my art Instagram page a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am artistic. Once while we were video chatting years ago when we first started dating, he saw my Ariel painting and thought it was a print I had bought. It tickled me and also warmed my heart when he gushed and praised it. While I appreciate some external validation, it’s always a good reminder to see the value in yourself and to continue a hobby even if no one sees it or you may think it’s not good; if it can bring you joy, that’s what is important.”

To check out more of Darla’s artwork follow her Instagram !!!!

As always thank you for making this possible, and giving kc more room to use their voices!

Thank you again Darla, and thank you KC!

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