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Good morning KC! This morning we have another fantastic interview from Angelica Dejesus! I asked Angelica a couple questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be an artist in the art district, what motivates her, and just a little about her! Keep reading to see the full interview!

What Inspires your creativity?

“Creating art for me helps me relax and express my thoughts. I’m inspired by the many artists who are around me and that I follow on social platforms. Exposing myself to different art styles or new places or even new people helps me derive the fuel I need to create art.”

What does your artwork represent?

“My art represents several different things. Over the years I have curated my own style in which I use to showcase what is going on in my mind but I also create using other styles as well. This helps me keep things fresh and interesting for myself. I have some pieces I’ve created that were inspired by my culture. So it really depends on the day.”

How do you make it, in the art community?

“Putting myself out there and my work out to be showcased helped me connect with other artists. Also, I use to work at Artist & Craftsman Supply (shout out my favorite art store!) and met so many amazing artists during my time there.”

What does art mean to you, and what does it mean for society?

“I believe art speaks to people. A hundred people can be staring at the same artwork but perceive it in a hundred different ways. Even though each person is perceiving that piece differently it is also connecting them together. It might sound tacky but I believe art helps so many people with expression and feeling connected whether to a place, feeling, person or thing.”

How does being from KC affect your work in the Artist community?

“I have met and created many wonderful relationships with local businesses and artists. Each whether they know it or not have impacted my Artist path and I am very thankful for that sense of community Kansas City has created.”

What is currently your favorite medium?

“Currently, I am a big fan of paper! Paper cut art is my jam right now. There is just so many possibilities to be created with the different textures and shapes.”

Lastly, but never least, a little about yourself?

“ I am a local Mexican American l who is a multi medium Artist here in Kansas City. Over the past few years I have worked to create a contemporary geometric style to express the beauty I find in my mind or everyday candids.”

To check out more of Angelica’s artwork go to and follow their Instagram @angelica__dejesus

As always thank you for making this possible, and giving kc more room to use their voices! Thank you again Angelica, and thank you KC!

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