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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Have you ever just felt stuck? At a complete art block but you know that you have to post daily for the algorithm? Us too, so let us help a little bit! Today we're gonna be giving you 31 content idea's for those times when you just dont know what to do!

  • What inspires you

  • Share a boomerang

  • Thank your followers

  • Share a recent work event

  • Share your workspace

  • Offer a freebie

  • Create a mini lesson

  • Post an inspirational quote

  • Promote a product

  • Q & A

  • #ThrowbackThursday (Share progress)

  • Post a how-to-guide

  • Share a "this-or-that" quiz ft. your products

  • Small business Saturday

  • Quick tip of the day

  • Share how you wrap-up your week

  • Introduce yourself

  • Promote your other platforms

  • Behind-the-scenes

  • A day in your life

  • Share your reason why

  • Share 3 "get-to-know-me" facts

  • Thank your followers

  • Customers opening packages

  • Tips for organization

  • How you make your products

  • Post a packaging video

  • Talk about yourself

  • Respond to a comment

  • Show off other hobbies

We hope that this helps make hard days a little easier. Remember, hang in there and you got this! Nobody is going to do this like you! As always thank you Kc for the continuous love and support! If you'd like us to cover a certian topic leave a comment below, or if you'd like some advice it in the "contact" tab, on the submission form!


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