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Inside w/ Ashley Lata

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

         Goooood morning kc! Hope everyone’s week is off to a colorful start! We have another creative mind to pick today, Ashley Lata! Keep reading to find out why Lata does what she does, and why it means so much to her! 

  INSIDE w/ KC ARTIST: Ashley Lata 

     Tell us a little about you?    

“I live in Prairie Village, KS with my husband, 3 kiddos, 2 old dogs and a very lucky hamster. Although I pursued a different career path in college I always had a project going. It wasn’t until recently that I put aside insecurities around my art and started a public account. It feels awesome to just be me and embrace my individuality. I’m excited to see where this path leads me!”

    What inspires your creations?

    “ Painting for me, is a stress release. When I’m truly in the zone I paint intuitively, trying not to overthink each stroke. I’m inspired by color and more importantly the way colors interact with one another when layered across the canvas. My still life paintings are inspired by emotion- a special vacation memory, an important memento etc. “

      What does your artwork represent? 

     “To my clients, I hope my art brings joy. To budding artists, like me, I want my art to serves as a representation that you don’t need technical training to sell your work.”

         How do you make it in the art community? 

     “I’ve painted since I was young, but only recently started selling my art. When I started my IG art page it was purely for my own accountability. I set a goal of painting every day for an entire year. Friends started taking notice and then their friends started paying attention until I was being commissioned to paint on a regular basis. I love painting and would paint regardless of whether someone was paying me.“

        What does art mean to you and what it means for society?

     “For me, art is an outlet for frustration/stress. I always feel more centered after painting. And in reality, Art means so many different things for each individual. It can inspire an emotional response- happiness, joy, calm, curiosity etc. For me, creating art is therapeutic.”

         How does being from KC affect your work in the artist community?

     “KC is a beautiful city with a thriving art community. I’m so inspired by the young entrepreneurs and moms hustling each day to bring their creations to the people of KC. There is so much hustle in this city and everyone is so supportive of one another. I am new to the scene and have already felt so much love from other creators. It’s pretty great. “

        Favorite art medium to use?

   “I currently paint in acrylics and use oil pastels for mark making, but I’ve also played around with oil paints. For a long time I used glass tiles to create a series of landscape mosaics.”

            👇🏼 ways to check out Lata’s art 👇🏼

📸:  Ashleylata_art 

            That wraps up todays interview! A special thank you to Ashley Lata for opening up and letting us ask some questions, and thank you guys for supporting and giving artists a place to have a voice! Be sure to Like, Comment, Share, and turn on post notifications so you won’t miss out on any upcoming events and more local artist 

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